Printed Circuit Boards

JTR Design specializes in delivering complex, high-layer count, impedance controlled printed circuit boards for the semiconductor test industry. JTR’s services include engineering, design, PCB fabrication, assembly, and test. For any project, JTR can provide all of these services-or any one or more-based on your needs.

Our engineers excel in applications where today’s fastest test speeds are being used but also where a dense routing of channels is required.

If desired, JTR can also conduct detailed characterization of existing hardware to identify areas that can be improved and provide recommendations to be able to achieve higher test speeds. Additionally, detailed modeling of new printed circuit board designs that take into account all of the test circuitry (tester, socket, device, etc.) can be provided to further ensure new designs are optimized for the entire test circuit.

Engineering and Design Capabilities
Designs standardized on PADS PCB software
Extensive experience in Advantest platforms
Full schematic capture and detailed spec with every design
Designs engineered to optimize the signal integrity and maximize the performance of both the tester and device.
Full suite of modeling services available in order to optimize designs

Specific areas addressed
Controlled impedance maintained within +/- 3 ohms
Line length matching to .005" or less
Design rules that result in negligible cross talk
Minimal use of vias (typically only around device)
Extensive bypassing on power channels

Additional Capabilities

JTR Design can also provide a variety of mechanical docking assemblies used to dock Advantest test heads to an array of auto-handlers as well as design and assembly services for various electromechanical cabled interfaces. For more information contact JTR Design.